Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Nigromancy as it is known up to early 1600's was the Practice of Spirit Conjuration. They were Highly feared and sought after because of the power they had to transverse time and space, life and Death. The Price upon the Body of the Practitioner was costly until Vampyrism was entered into the equation. Blood stove off the Rott that normally set into the Body, but only for so long.  

Nigromancy in the late 1800's and the early 1900's became known as Necromancy. Necro meaning association with the Dead (Anubis) and Mancy meaning (Practice off) . The most powerful Necromancer was said to be able to bring the Dead back from the grave and into living form.
The Practitioners of Nigromancy not only associated with the dead through various forms of Divination, but could also manifest the spirits within the Realm of the Living. Up until the Mid to late Midieval timespan the Practitioners of these rites were feared even by the Church, to which the Witchtrails begain and the various Practitioner burned at the stake.

Many Texts reveal the Testimonials of the Clergy to whom over saw the charges and the court hearing up to the execution itself either by life in prison or being the favorite burnt alive at the stake. This is how Christianity/Roman Catholic Church physically rose to power. Over the last 50 years much of the Practices have vanished and is now seen as Necromancy or at best a form of Mediumship

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